When tackling new DIY tasks and large professional renovations, having a helpful friend just a phone call away is an invaluable advantage. Timbercity can be that project partner to you or your construction crew, making various jobs much easier with our wide range of hardware services.

That’s right. We do far more than sell wood, furnishings, fixtures and tools. We’re also on hand to organise your blueprint plans, pre-drill your boards and virtually design your ideal kitchen cabinets.

Convenient Assistance

Allow us to transform your décor ideas into beautiful creations you’d be proud to display within your home or work space. From inception to precision polishing, you can rely on our trained team to efficiently calculate your required quantities and get your timber ready for use. All you’ll have to do is insert the fixings, like knock in nails, screw on doors or attached the handles.

The labour-reducing services that our hardware stores offer include:

  • 3D cupboard design (only available at selected stores) for custom-made cabinetry units
  • Board pre-drilling that enable you to secure door hinges and drawer runners in minutes
  • Computer generated cutting lists with exact board dimensions to limit offcut wastage
  • Wood cutting to reduce those exhausting hours of sawing and chiselling
  • Board edging which applies your project’s borderline finish
  • Building Support

In addition to these material-specific services, we offer you:

  • Comprehensive hardware quotations to help you stay on budget
  • An affordable delivery system to transport products purchased online or too large to carry in your car
  • Short-term financial assistance with our credit supply known as Credibuild

Hassle Free Help

The Timbercity team is filled with experienced builders, renovators and hardware experts eager to assist in any way you need. From rendering accurate designs using our cutting list software to driving your boards home, no request is too big or small. What’s more, if you’re searching for a product not found at our stores, we’ll source it from a reliable supplier on your behalf, hassle free.
With our combination of DIY guidance and excellent services, you can efficiently finish your dream home or office using products South Africans trust. Simply visit your nearest outlet today.


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