Timbercity is your authority on hardware. Our stock features a comprehensive range of materials, including board products such as shelving and kitchen tops, as well as plywood in various finishes and sheet sizes. We also sell home improvement items that are ideal for DIY or professional use, whether you’re doing carpentry, plumbing or masonry.

Perfect your Home

We offer a range of methods for home improvement, from adding cabinets for storage in your kitchen to wardrobes in the bedroom. Additionally, you can get your boards cut to size with our convenient trimming service that makes carpentry projects, like floating shelves, a breeze. With just our selection of products, you can complete entire room renovations, or even a remodelling of your whole house, as we’re dedicated to providing one-stop convenience.

We also sell a variety of:

Coatings – Our selection of adhesives, paints and varnishes is extensive, offering professional solutions for tasks, from repair to joining, an even sealing. In addition, we stock some of the top brands in glue, silicone and wood fillers.


Hand and electric devices by recognised brands are featured in our hardware department. Our products are rugged and easy for both a beginner and pro to use. What’s more, we have a number of power tool accessories.

Mouldings and Skirting

These fine finishes can add a touch of class to any interior, bringing the space together and providing a traditional appearance. Our selection includes cornices, architraves, and polystyrene ceiling tiles.

Your DIY Helper

Timbercity is the place where you can find essential products at competitive prices. With goods from our range of carefully selected tools and materials, you could begin and complete construction and renovation projects without any major hassles. Our expert staff is always on hand with the advice you need for quicker results, meaning you’ll have access to complementary help that could dramatically improve results. That’s why we’re your constant companion for all your DIY jobs.
Visit one of our stores today to get the hardware you need.

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