Plumbing and Waterworks

If you’re a professional plumber, or need to do plumbing and waterworks construction at your home or site, Timbercity stocks the tools and supplies you require. Whether you need to go above or underground, from sink cabinets to pipelines, we’re a comprehensive supplier and proud to be your project partner.
Maintenance Requirements
Just as each home is different, so are their water systems. Our in-store professionals are ready to assist with queries that you may have regarding your plumbing or waterworks. Furthermore, we also offer ready-made sink cabinets and basins which can simply be fitted into position with water outlets.
Additionally, if it’s just a part of a structure that needs replacing, we offer individual fittings and products, such as:
• Copper piping
• Gutters
• Taps
• U-traps
• Washers
Energy Saving Products

Not only do we offer top-quality plumbing and waterworks products, but we’re also forward thinkers. As the world gets warmer, water and energy conservation becomes increasingly important in our day-to-day lives. Therefore, we take this ideology and provide you with the products and solutions that can be incorporated into your household, including:
• Solar-powered geysers – Using energy produced by the sun, you can heat up your hot water supply without flipping a switch, saving on electricity.
• Water tanks – A PVC tanker is structured to collect rain water for use in your garden or to boil for consumption, equipped with a tap for distribution.
• Toilets – Available as half and full flush units, you can minimize and further control your water usage with these cisterns.
• Geyser blankets – To conserve heat generated from solar power, these products insulate against loss of warmth, keeping your geyser hotter for longer.

Visit your nearest Timbercity today to purchase tools, sink cabinets or other home maintenance waterworks products.


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