Hardware for Doors and Drawers

At Timbercity, we’re passionate about hardware. That’s why we strive to offer the latest products and give our customers great advice, providing you with added convenience and value. We sell everything that you might need to complete any cabinetry or carpentry project.

Hard Wearing Items

As suppliers of hardware for doors and drawers fittings and fixtures, we know it’s the details that make a room or home truly exceptional. We want you to be able to create the residence you’ve envisioned using Timbercity hardware for doors and drawers. That is why we offer a wide selection of hardware from drawer runners to handles and hinges that will give your project that special touch.

Our range of Hardware includes:

  • Handles and locksets – We have a range of handles and locks on display. Be it a Victorian themed brass option, or something plain you are after, we have something that will suit your taste. Additionally, we stock a selection of handles for cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers as well as a comprehensive range of locksets for all applications
  • Hinges – Your doors are only as strong as the fixtures that they hang on, so for maximum security we recommend a solid set of hinges. Our popular brass butt model is ideal for your average weight door and will blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. We also stock a comprehensive range of cupboard hinges for cabinetry applications.
  • Brackets – Whether you need to put up shelves, a window box, or even a hanging ornament, these sturdy supports will do an excellent job. They’re simple to install, and have a large load bearing capacity. All you need to do is bolt them to the wall, add a wood or board surface, and then you’ll have a practical solution to storage.

Get a Handle on It

Putting the final touches on your new home is made simple with help from Timbercity. We’re your project partner, where you can get expert advice from experienced professionals. Each member of our staff is qualified to offer you the advice and recommendations necessary to take your project to the next level.

Come to one of our countrywide outlets to choose your hardware today.


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