Electrical Supplies

We couldn’t call ourselves a project partner if we didn’t provide a comprehensive range of construction materials and  electrical supplies. With our selection we’re proud to be your building and electrical supplies store – whether it’s for a quick DIY fix in the home or a major on-site renovation.

Stock Standard Systems

Timbercity has top-quality equipment and materials to complete jobs is vital. Faulty wires, broken covers or bulbs with the incorrect wattage can cause electrical products to short in your house, resulting in even more issues.

As electrical equipment suppliers, we stock a wide range of products that enable you to get the job done, from foundation to finish, such as:

  • Distribution boards – Commonly known as DB boards, these wall fixtures divide your home or site’s electrical feeds into safe circuits.
  • Wall sockets – To establish plug power points in and around the property, complete with switches.
  • Conduit boxes – Ideal for outdoor fixtures, these protect electrical wiring from external elements whilst linking to the main systems board.
  • Light fittings – Regular sized light bulbs fit easily into these products and they can easily be attached to the ceilings or walls either in your home or on site.

All the Add-ons

In addition to sockets and fittings, we stock several other products to assist in using, managing, or repairing your electrical appliances, namely:

  • Electrical tool repair kits
  • Energy saver light bulbs
  • Extension leads
  • Insulation tape
  • Multi-plugs

Furthermore, as your project partner, we have several other building and hardware supplies available to ensure that you can always get the job done, including:

  • Power drills
  • Boards
  • Aluminium ladders
  • Screws
  • Paint

Your Project Partner

For home energy products, Timbercity is proud to be your building and electrical supplier. Visit your nearest store today to purchase materials for your construction or DIY products.


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