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At Timbercity,we offer a comprehensive selection of solutions for installing, renovating, or replacing wooden doors and windows in your home. These vital openings provide both light, ventilation, and if you’re lucky, an attractive view of the world outside. They can also add a feeling of spaciousness to a room, making it a more pleasant place to relax. That’s why we keep popular products like casements and frames permanently on our shelves.

Window Shopping

When you’re looking for some new portals for your home, it’s important that they match the architectural style of the building to create harmony. You want them to be attractive both outside and in, so finding the right fixture is essential. To make this easier, we stock a wide range of different wooden doors and windows material, styles and sizes of window frames perfect for your DIY needs.

For instance, we sell items made of:

  • Aluminium – (Available at selected stores) Window frames made of this lightweight, strong and versatile metal are the ideal match for the clean lines and minimal style of modern architecture. Their long-life and tight seal also make them a practical choice for your home. With a range of glazing options to choose from and high security design that is moisture proof, this design can keep you feeling warm and safe.
  • Hardwood – Casement windows framed in timber are a great fit for a more traditional style of home. They are extremely attractive, whether painted or varnished, and have a sophisticated feel, especially when paired with shutters. Choose these to add some old fashioned charm to your building’s façade.

Your Window of Opportunity

Timbercity knows installing new windows while renovating is a great way to improve lighting and ventilation, as well as raise the value of your home at the same time. To aid you with this process, our team of experienced staff are on hand to offer advice and recommendations. We have prebuilt aluminium frames with glass and unglazed windows, allowing you to choose your own contractors to install panes. That’s just one way we work with you as a partner for the best results.

Come in to any of our stores to see a full range of windows and frames.


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