Timber and Wood Coatings

At Timbercity, we know there’s more to a renovation or construction project than meets the eye. Much of the important foundation work is not traditionally attractive, and requires various coatings. These can vastly improve appearances and but to seal and protect. That’s why we specialise in a variety of products and accessories for the treatment and preservation of surfaces with our timber and wood coatings.

A Coat for All Seasons

When it comes to covering ceilings, floors, furniture, and walls, both inside and out, we offer you a wide variety of products to choose from. A fresh coat for your façade can help your home to stand out from or blend in with its surroundings better. In the rooms themselves, it’ll bring out the decorator in you.

Our stock includes:

  • Paint – We feature recognised brands to provide you with a more professional and flawless finish. No matter the job, we have the appropriate can, from small amounts for touch ups to bulk size containers to complete a whole house. Additionally, we sell accessories, such as brushes, rollers, and paint strippers. Our staff also source the latest popular colours.
  • Sealant – If you’re going to paint on a naked surface, be it wood, cement or metal, you’ll need to prepare it for application. Without adding a layer of sealant or undercoat to prime the material, the elements may penetrate, causing your later coats to blister or flake off. These products will prolong the life of property and the coatings that cover it.
  • Stains and varnish – When treating wood, especially for the exterior of your home, these items offer a darkening or bleaching effect that alters the hue and appearance of timber. In addition, varnish has the dual function of providing an impenetrable barrier to moisture, and protects your surfaces from harsh rays of sun.

Change your Coat

A fresh coat of paint is possibly the easiest way to transform your walls, and can totally revitalise an area. That’s why we keep an extensive range of timber and wood coatings in stock, and employ staff who can offer expert application advice to our customers. They’ll answer any questions you may have.

Visit one of our outlets today to find out what a new coating can do for you.


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