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Timbercity is your best destination to buy construction and DIY boards of all kinds, from plywood to melamine, even pieces for shelving. These materials have an almost unlimited number of applications – including the construction of furniture, storage units, and shelving. They’re easy to work with, especially if you make use of our convenient cutting and edging services.

Success across the Board

You’ll be amazed at how many construction and DIY board projects can be completed with just board, some screws, and a few tools. Additionally, the variety of finishes for your projects is almost endless. For a few construction and DIY board project examples, our blog offers a number of home furnishing tips and tricks.

We also bring a selection of:

  • Chipboard – This is definitely the most popular material used for constructing cupboards in bedrooms, kitchens and office spaces. They can easily be cut to a customer’s size requirements, and are stocked in a comprehensive range. From plain to white chipboard, as well as the coloured melamine variety, our products suit the tastes of many.
  • MDF – Standing for Medium Density Fibreboard, this material is very resilient.  As it is man-made, it has no rings, knots or other flaws, making it more uniform in consistency than solid wood. It’s also easy to mould with a router and has smooth surface ideal for finishing with paint or spraying.
  • Plywood – This kind of board is made from thin surfaces of wood, which have been sandwiched together to form a rigid and tough sheet. It comes in various strengths and thicknesses, which are determined by how many individual layers are present and at what angles they’ve been rotated.

Everyone on Board

At Timbercity, we employ experienced staff who are experts in their fields. They’ll be happy to explain the unique properties of different products for you, and offer advice that ensures you make the correct product choice. We team up with you, to act as your project partner.

Visit any one of our stores throughout the country to view out selection of boards.


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