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Timbercity’s Powerful Package

For over 40 years Timbercity has been the market leader in its field of expertise. We know that in the cabinetry game, every millimetre counts. We pride ourselves in offering superior value, expert advice and customer service.

That is what the Timbercity brand has become synonymous with. From our expert advice to our meticulous cutting service, Timbercity is the authority when it comes to timber, board and hardware.

In addition to the benefits of being a Timbercity Franchisee, we also offer the following as part of the package:

  1. Product focus – Expert knowledge and focus on core product categories related to cabinetry, carpentry and hardware. These include: Timber, boards, shelving, worktops, doors, kitchen hardware & accessories, mouldings, paint and coatings.
  2. Expert Services – Proven track record for offering cut shop related services such as cutting, edging and hinge hole drilling as well as computerized cupboard design & layout, board cutting optimization, quotations and deliveries.
  3. Business expertise and best practice sharing – Over 40 years of financial, marketing and operational experience available through our professional Support Office team.
  4. IT high-performance systems – Access to up-to-date product files and point of sale systems
  5. In touch and on call – Access to our support team every working day and participation in regular regional meetings and national conferences
  6. Southern African Reach – Numerous stores across South Africa and now expanding into Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia.

Whether you’re looking to expand your current business

or join forces on a new venture, consider a franchising opportunity alongside Timbercity.

Convert to Timbercity – Take your business to the cutting edge Benefit from…

  1. No direct brand conversion cost to you – We will assist you to convert your signage and branding to the Timbercity brand standard
  2. Smart finance tools – speak to us about smart financing options to qualifying applicants. Franchisees also benefit from negotiated debit and credit card rates and in-store financing options for customers.
  3. Timbercity’s trusted brand identity – Benefit from the top-of-mind brand awareness of the Timbercity brand. For over 40 years Timbercity has been SA’s leading cabinetry, carpentry and hardware specialist attracting both trade and DIY customers alike.
  4. Strategic brand advertising – Supports your business with effective, results-driven marketing campaigns run by an experienced team
  5. SteinBuild’s Buying Power – Access to group procurement structures allows you to buy top brands for less, thus boosting your bottom line
  6. Hands-on operational support  – Offered for cut shop operation, retail concept, layout, merchandising and promotional point-of-sale
  7. Exclusive boards and house brand tool ranges – Unique, value –for-money offerings brings improved margin opportunities.

Interested in a Timbercity franchise?

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