Why DIY?

In a world in which all our needs and wants are can be satisfied just by clicking on an online store,
people have begun to place a premium emphasis on hand-made products and designs that carry a
personal touch. At Timbercity we believe in the beauty of handmade things and DIY crafts, which is
why we provide all the products and value-added services that help builders, carpenters and
craftspeople breathe life into their projects.

There are many reasons why a person should choose the route of DIY over buying a product or
hiring someone to build it, but these are three of our favourites:

  1. Money Saving – While buying a piece of furniture or paying someone to make it for you might
    be the quickest and easiest way to get something built, it’s by no means the cheapest. With
    Timbercity’s value-added services, our expert employees will help you to plan out your DIY
    build so that you avoid waste and get the most bang for your buck.
  2. Family Time – A DIY project is a great reason to get the whole family to put down their
    devices and get involved in a fun family activity. With Timbercity’s wide range of wood and
    services to meet virtually any project, there’s loads that families can build together, creating
    something with a personal touch to put in their home.
  3. Creativity – A practical task like building a piece of furniture can be as artistic and creative as
    painting a picture or writing a song. By opting to undertake a DIY project, you are engaging
    the creative part of your brain which can relieve stress and stimulate fresh ideas and
  4. Personal Touch – From how many hinges and screws it needs, to picking the final paint job,
    when you build your own things, you get to decide everything that goes into making that thing
    yours. Decking your home out with DIY projects makes your home unashamedly yours in
    every way.

These are just some of our favourite reasons to love DIY, but they are of course not the only
reasons. Whatever your reason for building, Timbercity offers all the goods and value-added
services to suit DIY craftspeople of varying skills levels. It’s what makes us your project partner.

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