Assembly Instructions: DIY TV UNIT

Assembly Instructions: DIY TV Unit

Timbercity TV Stand

Step 1: Connecting your L-shapes

Build a box by fastening the top and bottom to the sides. First make an L-shape, by connecting the top (1414 x 450) to one of the sides (468 x 450). Drill pilot holes, countersink holes, apply wood glue and fasten together with six screws. Repeat the same process to make the bottom and the other side. Then fasten the two L-shapes together, also drilling pilot holes, countersinking holes, applying wood glue and fastening together with screws.

Step 2: Build the central shelve

Build the central shelve section by connecting the two shelves (450 x 450 x 2) to the dividers (468 x 450 x 2) with screws.

Step 3: Secure your shelves

Then slide the central shelf section into the box and secure the shelves in the middle of the box with screws from the top and bottom.

Step 4: Attach doors

You are now ready to attach two doors on either side of the shelves inserted in Step 3. Hang the doors (490 x 478 x 2) on the unit using the hinges provided.

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