Chiptastic Spice Rack

You will need:

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Filler
  • 100 grit sand paper

  • Hardwood PAR (Planed all round)
  • Chipboard Screws 4.0mm x 40mm
  • 2.0mm Drill bit
  • Counter sink bit

Cut List:

Hardwood PAR

  • 600mm x 69mm x 22mm (x3) – Base
  • 55mm x 69mm x 22mm (x6) – Vertical sides
  • 556mm x 22mm x 22mm (x 3) – Front Rail

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1:

Drilling of the pilot holes to assemble the vertical sides. You will use 600mm x 69mm x 22mm (x3) and 55mm x 69mm x 22mm (x6)

The vertical sides 55mm x 69mm x 22mm must be attached to the base 600mm x 69mm x 22mm to form the main body of each of the spice racks. Before you screw and glue them together, it is advisable to drill pilot holes for the screws to prevent screws from cracking the wood.

Start by holding the base (600mm x 69mm x 22mm) on top of the first vertical side (55mm x 69mm x 22mm) to form a 90-degree angle. Make sure both prices are perfectly aligned, then hold in place and drill pilot holes. You can use the other vertical side to support the base. Now complete the same step for all six vertical sides.

Step 2:

Counter sink the screw holes. You will use 600mm x 69mm x 22mm (x3)

It is advisable to counter sink screw holes. This will allow you to cover the screw tops with a wood filler later. Use the counter sink bit in your drill and counter sink all 12 holes drilled on the three bases 600mm x 69mm x 22mm in step 1.

Step 3:

Apply wood glue and screw together. Use 600mm x 69mm x 22mm (x3) and 55mm x 69mm x 22mm (x6)

Apply wood glue to the vertical sides 55mm x 69mm x 22mm. Now put the base 600mm x 69mm x 22mm on top of the vertical sides. Make sure that they are perfectly aligned before screwing them together with chipboard Screws 4.0mm x 40mm. Repeat this process to fasten the remaining 5 vertical sides.

Step 4:

Installing the front rail. You will use 556mm x 22mm x 22mm (x 3).

To complete your spice rack, you need to install the front rails on all three units. Take the first front rail 556mm x 22mm x 22mm and place it between the vertical sides 55mm x 69mm x 22mm. You need to make sure that the front of the rail is positioned to be in line with the front of the vertical side. At the same time, the top of the front rail should be positioned 5mm from the top of the vertical side. Mark the position with a pencil, then hold it in place while drilling the pilot holes, applying wood glue and inserting chipboard screws 4.0mm x 40mm. Repeat the same process for the installation of the remaining 2 front rails.

Step 5:


Building of your Tri-level spice rack is now complete. Apply wood filler to the screw tops and any uneven joints and allow to dry for a few hours. Now sand these areas and the rest of the wood with 100 grit sand paper for a smooth finish. You can now apply a coating of your choice.

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