Toy Box

Assembly Instructions, Toy Box

Toybox Image

Step 1
Connect the sides (382 x 364 mm) x 2 to the front (382 x 600 mm) and back (382 x 600 mm). Start by drilling pilot holes before applying wood glue. Hold the panels in place and secure with screws.

Step 2
Turn the box upside down and apply wood glue to contact areas before putting the base (600 x 406 mm) in place. Drill pilot holes and secure with chipboard screws

Step 3
Recess the lid (600 x 406 mm) and the edge of the back panel. Place and align the hinge to ensure it fits and closes properly. Mark the recess area with a pencil before fastening the hinge to the lid with screws.

Step 4
Place the lid in the open position. Fasten the other part of the hinge to the recessed area on the back panel. Make adjustments if the lid doesn’t close properly.

Step 5
Fasten the castors to the bottom, and handles to the sides of the toy box with screws. Fill the screw holes with wood filler and leave it to dry before sanding the box to achieve a smooth finish. Now, get the little one involved to help paint/decorate the toy box the way they want it!

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