Student Desk

Assembly Instructions, Student Desk

Step 1
Connect the sides (450 mm x 730 mm) x 2 to the front (800 mm x 400 mm), using corner blocks. Make sure that the tops of the sides are properly aligned with the front before fastening the pieces together by inserting 4 screws into each of the corner blocks. You have now created the base of the desk.

Step 2
You are now ready to install the top of the unit. Connect the top (1200 mm x 600 mm) to the base, using corner blocks. Before fastening the top to the base by inserting screws into the corner blocks, make sure that the base is square and that the top of the back of the base is flush with the back of the top (see the picture at left). You should also make sure that the base is positioned in the middle of the top, lengthwise. This will ensure that you will have equal overhangs on the sides when the desk is completed. Once you have secured the top to the base, your desk is complete

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