Assembly Instructions

Step 1
For the small box, start by joining the two shorter sides (268 mm x 234 mm) x 2 to one of the longer sides (234 mm x 350 mm) x 1. First drill pilot holes for the screws, then countersink them, before applying wood glue and fastening the pieces together with screws

Step 2
Now fasten the second longer side (234 mm x 350 mm) x 1 to the U shape created in step 1. Again drill pilot holes, countersink them, apply wood glue and fasten together with screws.

Step 3
To finish the first box, fasten on the base (300 mm x 350 mm) x 1, securing it as above.

Step 4
To build the medium and large boxes, repeat steps 1 – 3 for each box, using the remaining items on the cut list. Once you have completed all three, fill the screw holes with wood filler and leave to dry before painting all three boxes to suit your purpose. The picture shows two of the completed boxes


You can use the boxes, base up, to create a podium or steps. You can stack them on their sides, on top of one another, to create a modular storage solution. You can even use them, base down, as storage boxes for toys in the children’s room. Mix and match your boxes to meet your requirements.

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