Modern Outdoor Bench

Assembly Instructions: Modern Outdoor Bench

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Step 1
Create a frame by joining the front and back of the frame (1200 mm x 100 mm) x 2 to the sides of the frame (264 mm x 100 mm) x 2. Drill pilot holes and countersink them, before applying wood glue and securing the joints with screws.

Step 2
You are now ready to secure the top of the bench (1164 mm x 264 mm) x 1 to the base frame. Insert the top into the frame, make sure that it is flush against the top of the frame on all four sides and then secure it with screws from the sides.

Step 3
Secure all four pine legs (69 mm x 69 mm x 414 mm) x 4 to the four inside corners of the frame. First drill pilot holes and countersink them. Then apply wood glue and secure the legs with screws from both the top and the sides.

Step 4
This step is optional, as it is for decoration only. Secure the first decorative strip (50 mm x 300 mm) x 1 on to the top (which you secured in step 2). Secure the first decorative strip with screws and wood glue. The next 22 strips can be glued on to the top.

Step 5
Secure the last decorative strip (50 mm x 300 mm) x 1 with screws to the top of the bench. Now fill the screw holes with wood filler and leave the filler and glue to dry. Once everything is dry, sand the unit with sand-paper to achieve a smooth finish, before sealing it with a protective coating or paint suitable for outdoor use.

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