Mobile Junior Workstation

Assembly Instructions: Mobile Junior Workstation

Step 1
Start by building the two boxes that will form the sides of the unit. Build the first box by connecting the sides (400 mm x 659 mm) x 2 to the bottom shelf (400 mm x 232 mm) x 1. Repeat the same process to build the second box.

Step 2
To complete the boxes, attach the rails (80 mm x 200 mm) x 2 to the top end of each of the two boxes. First drill pilot holes, counter sink, apply wood glue to the contact area and then fasten with screws. The rails will give extra support to the top of the unit once it is installed.

Step 3
You are now ready to install the shelves. Mark the sides of the boxes to ensure that you position the shelves (400 mm x 200 mm) correctly. The shelves should be installed 350 mm from the base of the box. Measure and extend the line around the side of the box. The line will act as a guide when you fasten the shelves with wood glue and screws from the sides. Make sure that the shelves are level before you fasten them from the outside with screws.

Step 4
Connect the top (1620 mm x 400 mm) x 1 to the two boxes by securing it with screws from the bottom. It is recommended that you use laminated pine for the top. (Pine is more rigid than SupaWood.) Remember to apply wood glue to the top of the rails, the area that will be in direct contact with the top before fastening the screws. You can now also fasten the top on with screws, from the top.

Step 5
Secure the castors to the bottom of the boxes with screws.

Step 6
To further strengthen and support the top, you should now secure the top supports (1156 mm x 65 mm) x 2 to the top with screws from the bottom and from the sides. (Again we recommend that you use pine for this.) Drill pilot holes, counter sink and apply wood glue before inserting screws. Your unit is now complete. Use wood filler to fill the screw holes. Once the wood filler is dry, you can smooth these areas with sandpaper, before painting the unit.

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