Mobile Bar

Assembly Instructions

Step 1
Start building the bottom frame by connecting one short piece (412 mm x 60 mm) to one long piece (1426 mm x 60 mm). Drill pilot holes, countersink holes and apply wood glue before fastening with screws. Now repeat the same step with the remaining two pieces (412 mm x
60 mm) and (1426 mm x 60 mm). You will now have two identical L shapes. Fasten these to each other to create a rectangle that will form the bottom frame of your bar unit.

Step 2
Connect the bottom frame built in Step 1 to the bottom base (1485 mm x 550 mm). Place the base on top of the frame, making sure that it is flush with the frame on both short sides. Now draw two lines (one on each side) along the length of the base, 69 mm from the sides. Each line
should now connect the corner of the two cut-outs on either side. The lines will act as a guide when you drill pilot holes to secure the base to the frame with screws. Now drill pilot holes, countersink holes, apply wood glue and secure the base to the frame with screws from the top.

Step 3
Affix the sides of the unit by connecting the first side (920 mm x 550 mm) to two of the legs (100 mm x 69 mm x 69 mm). Make sure that both legs are flush against the side and top. This will ensure that the legs are attached at 90 degrees. Now drill pilot holes and countersink holes before applying wood glue and fastening with screws. Now repeat the same process to affix the other side.

Step 4
You are now ready to secure the two sides to the base of the bar unit. Put the base on top of the one side (in a vertical position). Make sure that the bottom of the side (920 mm x 550 mm), with legs now attached, is flush with the bottom of the frame attached to the base. First drill pilot holes through the base frame and into the legs, countersink holes and apply wood glue before fastening screws. Now drill pilot holes and secure to the side as well. Be careful not to drill all the way through the side, and use shorter screws. Repeat the same process for the other side.

Step 5
You can now insert the divider and shelves. Measure the sides and mark where you wish to place the two shelves (873 mm x 550 mm). Use a spirit level to ensure that shelves are level. Secure the shelves one by one, first to the side and then to the divider (829 mm x 550 mm). It is
advisable to draw a line along the outside of the side to act as a guide when drilling pilot holes. Drill pilot holes, countersink holes, apply wood glue and secure with screws.

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