Outdoor Storage Bench


Step 1
Connect the sides (382 x 364 mm) x 2 to the front and back (1200 x 382 mm) x 2. Drill pilot holes and apply wood glue before holding the panels in place to secure with screws.

Step 2
Slide the base of the box (1158 x 364 mm) into place. Drill pilot holes and fasten with screws from all four sides.

Step 3
Now you can fasten the base supports (100 x 400 mm) x 2 to the base of the box. Apply wood glue before drilling pilot holes and fastening with short chipboard screws.

Step 4
Recess the lid (1200 x 406 mm) and the edge of the back panel. Place and align the hinge to ensure it fits and closes properly. Mark the recess area with a pencil and recess with a chisel before fastening the hinge to the lid with screws.

Step 5
Fasten the lid/seating area of the bench to the box by securing the hinges. Position the strut in the correct position inside the box and secure with screws. Well done, the construction of your outdoor storage box is now complete and ready to be painted with an exterior coating of your choice.

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