Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

If we are what we eat, then it’s safe to say that kitchens play a fairly large role in the day-to-day lives
of individuals and families. They are places for families and friends to gather and socialise over daily
meals, and the food we eat is often a reflection of the kitchen it was prepared in. This is why
kitchens have increasingly become more of a central focus within modern day homes and are very
often one of the prime areas in the home for renovation.

We love kitchens at Timbercity, so if you’re thinking about giving your kitchen a facelift and bringing
it up to date, then you might want to take a look at our list of some of the hottest kitchen design
trends for 2018.

  1. Cabinet Colours – Basic is better
    One of the biggest kitchen design decisions to make is what colour to make your cabinetry.
    Because cabinets often take up the majority of the wall space in your kitchen, they are likely to
    make up either the most or second most prevalent colour in the space. This is why grey and white
    cabinets are probably your best bet. They afford your kitchen a measure of simplicity and
    cleanliness that make the space feel open without becoming too dominant.
  2. Storage – Everything in its place
    Between all the herbs, ingredients, appliances and utensils that exist in modern cooking, kitchens
    are quite likely the space in the home that stores the most items and products. Think of installing
    pull-out racks or caddies for holding spices and other essential cooking additions. Another popular
    storage trend is the installation of appliance garages with roller or concertina doors to hide smaller
    appliances from view when they’re not needed.
  3. Kitchen Islands – At the centre of it all
    Large kitchen islands serving a variety of purposes have become more popular as kitchens have
    become more varied and user friendly. These flat central hubs can be used to hold your stove, can
    be used as serving, storage, or preparation areas, or just as a place for family and friends to gather
  4. Ceilings – Give above some love
    Floors aren’t the only part of your kitchen that need some attention. One of the most underutilised
    kitchen spaces for renovation is the ceiling, but this is changing. Think about installing some
    wooden beams to give the ceiling some depth, or even creating coffers to house your lighting.

If you’re interested in bringing any of these hot trends into your own kitchen, then ask at your
nearest Timbercity for advice. Our expert staff and wide range of value-added services offer
everything you need to make your dream kitchen a reality.

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