Hanging Made Easy

Make this nifty rack with labels to help your kids keep their school kit neat!

By Shelly Bergh
Video Francois Oberholster

You will need
* carbon paper
* pen
* G-clamps
* jigsaw
* paintbrush
* mohair paint roller and tray
* measuring tape
* steel ruler
* pencil
* drill with 18mm spade bit
* mallet

* template
* 6mm Supawood
* Plascon School Board Paint
* double sided tape
* 32mm x 69mm x 1.8m PAR pine
* vice grip
* 18mm x 1.8m dowel stick
* 100-grit sandpaper
* Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue
* 2 x slotted mirror plates

Step 1
Download the label template here and print it out. Use the carbon paper and pen to trace the template onto the Supawood. We made three.

Step 2
Secure the Supawood to your work surface with the G-clamps and carefully cut the shapes out with a jigsaw.

Step 3
Paint the labels with two coats of Plascon School Board paint, allowing the paint to dry between coats. Use a brush to paint the edges and use a roller on the surface.

Step 4
Once the second coat has dried completely, attach double sided tape at the back.

Step 5
Measure, mark and cut 945mm on the PAR pine, using the jigsaw.

Step 6
Mark the centre of the plank lengthwise and then mark intervals of 135mm on the centre line. Drill 6 holes all the way through the plank with the spade bit.

Step 7
Mark 6 intervals of 100mm on the dowel stick. Secure the dowel in a vice grip and cut the 100mm pieces.

Step 8
Sand the edges of the plank and the dowels smooth.

Step 9
Apply wood glue to the holes in the plank. Insert the dowels in the holes; use the mallet to make them go all the way through.

Step 10
Attach the slotted mirror plates to the back of your coat rack and hang on the wall. Attach the black board labels above the coat rack and write your kids’ names on them with chalk.

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