Drinks Trolley


Step 1
Start by connecting the sides (355 x 44 mm) x 2 to the front and back (800 x 44 mm) x 2 to create the top frame. First drill pilot holes, then apply wood glue and then screw pieces together.

Step 2
Now fasten the top base (800 x 400 mm) to the frame made in step one. This will form the top tray of the trolley. Drill pilot holes, apply wood glue and fasten with screws.

Step 3
You are now ready to build the bottom tray of the trolley. Repeat steps 1 and 2, using the bottom frame sides (355 x 44 mm) x 2 and the bottom back and front (800 x 44 mm) as well as the bottom base 800 x 400 mm (with corners cut).

Step 4
Now slide the legs ( 600 x 44 x 44 mm) x 4 into place through the cut-ins and secure the legs 450 mm from the top of each leg. Remember to apply wood glue and secure with screws through the frame from the outside, on both sides of each leg.

Step 5
Now secure the legs with screws to the top tray. Put the legs in place and make sure that they are in the correct position before applying wood glue and securing them from the top, through the base of the top tray.

Step 6
Now secure the glasses-hanger underneath the top tray with screws.

Step 7
Mark where you would like to place the handle before drilling holes and fastening the handle on with screws from the inside of the tray. Now finish off by securing the wheels at the bottom of the legs with screws.

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