Assembly Instructions: DIY Drinks Cupboard

Assembly Instructions: DIY Drinks Cupboard

Timbercity DIY Drinks Cupboard

Step 1

Create a box by connecting the top and bottom (700 mm
x 150 mm) x 2 to the sides (500 mm x 130 mm) x 2.
Drill pilot holes for the screws and countersink them.
Then apply wood glue and screw the pieces together.

Step 2

Secure the vertical divider (500 mm x 130 mm) x 1 to the
frame from the bottom and top, by drilling pilot holes
and countersinking them before applying wood glue and
inserting screws.

TIP: Use the shelf to check for the correct placement
of the vertical divider which should be 350 mm
from the right hand vertical side. (See picture in
step 3 below.)

Step 3

Secure the shelf (350 mm x 130 mm) to the divider and to
the right hand vertical side with screws. The exact height
of this shelf will be determined by what you want to store
in the cupboard. Take a moment to measure the height of
bottles and/or glasses that you might want to store before
marking the position of the shelf and securing it with
wood glue and screws.

Step 4

You are now ready to attach the door (700 mm x 497 mm)
x 1, using the flat hinges. First connect the flat hinges to
the door with screws. Now make sure that the door lines
up on both sides before connecting the hinges to the
bottom shelf. Now screw the double roller catch to the
door and attach the other side of the catch to the inside
of the top shelf.

Step 5

Attach the chain to the inside of the door and to the
vertical sides. This will allow you to use the inside of the
door as a serving surface. Make sure that the door is level
and then secure the chain to both the door and the
vertical sides. Connect the doorknob to the front of the
door to facilitate easy opening and closing of the door.
Fill screw holes with wood filler and leave to dry. You are
now ready to rub the unit down with sand-paper before
applying your choice of protective or decorative coating.

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