Assembly Instructions: DIY Toy Stove

Toy Stove Instructions

Step 1
Start by building the ‘warming’ drawer. Fasten the shorter
sides (250 x 150 x 2) to the longer sides (360 x 150 x 2).
At each joint use a small drill bit and drill two pilot holes
where screws will be inserted. Sink the holes, apply wood
glue and screw the panels together. Put the base (218 x
360 x 1) into the box and drill small holes from the sides.
Sink the holes and fasten the base from the sides.
Step 2
Build the plinth by joining the two longer sides (400 x 50
x 2) and the two shorter sides (250 x 50 x 2) together. Drill
small pilot holes in the sides, sink the holes and fasten the
pieces together with screws. Now construct the main box
for the oven. Screw the sides (600 x 300 x 2) to the base
(418 x 300 x 1). Now fasten on the top (450 x 300 x 1).
The top will fit on top of the base and the base will fit
in between the sides.
Step 3
You are now ready to fasten the box to the plinth. Start by
positioning the back of the plinth flush with the back of the
main box. Once it is in place, drill pilot holes at the back of
the base of the main box, sink the holes and screw the base
to the plinth. Then prepare to position your screws correctly
along the sides of the base. To do so, draw two vertical lines
from the bottom of the plinth (one on the very edge and
the other 16 mm to the left) and across the base, using a
square. The lines now indicate where the plinth runs.
You can now drill small pilot holes between these two lines,
sink them and then insert the screws.
Step 4
Now fasten on the back panel (750 x 450 x 1). Position it
on the back of the box. Align it with the bottom and the
sides to make sure that it is square. Now drill pilot holes,
sink the holes and then screw the back panel to the box.
Step 5
Use a hole-saw to cut the oven knobs from the spare strip
of SupaWood (300 x 70 x 1). Then use a jigsaw to cut out
the round oven plates from the spare piece of hardboard
(150 x 150 x 4). Use sandpaper to smooth their edges.
Step 6
Fasten the panel for the oven knobs (450 x 100 x 1) to the
back panel. Ensure that it squares up at the top and at the
sides, then fasten from the back with screws. The knobs
can now be screwed to the front. Make sure that they
are not too tightly fastened, so that they can still turn.
Position the plates on the top and secure them with two
screws, as indicated.
Step 7
Install the drawer runners. To ensure that the drawer will
run correctly, make sure that the tracks screwed to the
box are correctly aligned to the front edge of the box’s
sides. Now fasten the tracks on with chipboard screws.
The other parts of the runners should now be fastened
at the bottom of the sides of the drawer. Once again, it is
important to ensure that each runner is properly aligned
to the bottom corners of the drawer. Now fasten these
runner sections on, using 16 mm chipboard screws. You
can now slide the drawer into place.
Step 8
Connect the drawer front (446 x 196 x 1) to the drawer.
Hold the front of the drawer in place and make sure that
it squares up with the outside of the box. Drill pilot holes
through the front panel into the drawer. Now sink the
holes and fasten the front on with screws, after applying
wood glue.
Step 9
Install the shelf (418 x 300 x 1). The height of the shelf
should be 166 mm from the base. Slide the shelf in from
the front. Make sure that it is level and then mark the
position where you are going to fasten it to the box.
Drill small pilot holes, sink them and secure the shelf to
the box with screws.
Step 10
Connect the oven door (446 x 296 x 1) to the shelf with
hinges. First secure each hinge to the door and then
connect the hinge to the shelf. Now adjust the alignment
of the door by adjusting the screws on top of the hinge
until the door fits correctly. Connect the front panel (450 x
100 x 1) to the front of the box above the door aperture.
Step 11
Mark the position of the drawer handle and oven handle
and fasten them on, using screws. Now affix the ‘oven
window’ (250 x 150 x 1) with wood glue and screws,
ensuring that it is positioned in the middle of the door.

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