Assembly Instructions: DIY Playtime Workbench for Kids

Assembly Instructions: DIY Playtime Kids Workbench

timbercity kids workbench


Step 1

Star by building the top frame of the workbench.
This will be the sable structure on to which you ill
fasten the legs and work-surface, in later steps.
The top frame is built by using screws and wood
glue to join the two long pieces of pine PAR
(850 mm x 44 mm x 22 mm) to the two shorter
pieces (440 mm x 44 mm x 22 mm).

Step 2

Fasten the four legs (580 mm x 44 mm x 44 mm)
of the bench to the inside corners of the frame.
Position the legs and drill pilot holes. Then apply
wood glue and insert screws from the outside to
fasten legs to the frame.

Step 3

You are now ready to fasten the work-surface of
the bench to the frame. Turn the frame upside down
and place it on top of the work-surface (900 mm x
450 mm x 20 mm). Make sure that the work-surface
is flush against the back of the workbench, with an
equal overhang on the three other sides. Now secure
the work-surface tot he frame, using corner blocks
and screws.

Step 4

You now need to build the bottom frame and fasten
it to the four legs of the workbench. Measure 100 mm
from the bottom of each leg to determine the height of
the bottom frame. Start by connecting the two long pieces
of the pine PAR (830 mm x 44 mm x 22 mm) to the inside
of the legs. Now fasten the short pieces (264 mm x 44 mm
22 mm) to complete the frame. Make sure that the distance
between the outside edges of these short sides is equal to
the length of the bottom shelf (718 mm). Put the shelf
(718 mm x 400 mm x 20 mm) on top of the frame and
secure it from the top with screws.

Step 5

Now secure the back-board (900 mm x 450 mm x 20 mm)
with screws and wood glue to the back (flush side) of the
bench. You are now ready to paint and decorate your new
workbench to your taste.

Tip: Use blackboard paint to create an area on the back-board
where children can draw with coloured chalks.

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