DIY Kid’s blackboard easel

Assembly Instructions


Step 1
Start by connecting the top frames (597 x 44 mm) x 2 to the board (597 x 600 mm). First fasten on the one by applying the wood glue, drilling pilot holes and then securing with screws. Repeat this process to fasten on the second.

Step 2
Repeat step 1 to connect the bottom frames (597 x 44 mm) x 2 to the board.

Step 3
Now fasten the front legs (900 x 44 mm) x 2 to the back of the frame. Drill pilot holes, apply wood glue and screw in place.

Step 4
Fasten the hinge to the back of the top frame and then connect the 3rd leg (1000 x 44 mm) to the other end of the hinge.

Step 5
To finish off your kid’s easel, drill a hole into the middle of the back bottom frame and one into the third leg to create channels for the rope to pass through. Make a knot on the outside of the frame and of the leg.

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