Coffee Table

Assembly Instructions: Coffee Table

Step 1
Build a box by fastening the top and bottom to the sides. First make an L-shape, by connecting the top (1200 x 600) to one of the sides (368 x 600). Drill pilot holes, countersink holes, apply wood glue and fasten together with screws. Repeat the same process to make the bottom and the other side. Then fasten the two L shapes together, also drilling pilot holes, countersinking holes, applying wood glue and fastening together with screws.

Step 2
Now build the shelf section. Fasten the shelf (350 x 600) to two of the four dividers (368 x 600 x 2) to create an H shape, with equal spaces above and below the shelf.

Step 3
You are now ready to insert the shelf section into the box. Measure carefully to ensure that you position the shelf section centrally in the box. Then drill pilot holes, apply wood glue and fasten with screws from the top and bottom.

Step 4
Now insert the two remaining dividers (368 x 600 x 2). Measure carefully to ensure that you create equal spaces on both sides of each divider. Secure the dividers using wood glue and screws.

Step 5
Add the finishing touches by turning the unit upside down and connecting the castors to the four corners of the bottom. Paint the unit to suit your d├ęcor.

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