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Celebrating Women Woodcrafters

First came the discovery of fire, then the invention of the wheel, and somewhere in the middle of it all came the design of furniture. On a functional level furniture has the ability to elevate survival to comfort. It offers us somewhere to sleep, somewhere to eat, and somewhere to enjoy a living space. But as technology, tools and experience advanced, furniture-making advanced too. It’s no longer just a functional solution to a practical need, it’s an expression of personal design style and taste.

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Insta Cupboards

Have you heard of Insta Cupboards? We have what you need to INSTA PERFECTION your kitchen & home…Watch this video to see how they are made in under 3 minutes! You can custom order your Insta Cupboards from your nearest Timbercity Store.

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Timbercity Tutudesks are gamechangers for 1500 Mpumulanga learners

For 1500 learners at Inkhanyeti and Legogoto Primary schools in White River, Mpumulanga, the experience of learning is changing for the better, thanks to Timbercity and Tutudesks. “Before Timbercity became involved, over 50% of the learners at these schools were forced to conduct their lessons by writing on their laps, on the floor or even using each other’s backs for […]

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Timbercity supports Vision Afrika

Watch as Chippie donates a play gym!

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Meet the Contractor

Meet Chippie’s friend – Marcus, The Contractor.

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The Cutting Edge

Peak inside the Cut Shop…

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