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DIY kids workbench

Assembly Instructions: DIY Playtime Workbench for Kids

Assembly Instructions: DIY Playtime Kids Workbench   Step 1 Star by building the top frame of the workbench. This will be the sable structure on to which you ill fasten the legs and work-surface, in later steps. The top frame is built by using screws and wood glue to join the two long pieces of pine PAR (850 mm x 44 […]

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diy drinks table Timbercity

Assembly Instructions: DIY Drinks Cupboard

Assembly Instructions: DIY Drinks Cupboard Step 1 Create a box by connecting the top and bottom (700 mm x 150 mm) x 2 to the sides (500 mm x 130 mm) x 2. Drill pilot holes for the screws and countersink them. Then apply wood glue and screw the pieces together. Step 2 Secure the vertical divider (500 mm x […]

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Assembly Instructions: DIY Summer Outdoor Dining

Take one hardboard door, two pine trestles and a chunky pine work island. Add a lick of paint and a podged fabric frieze. The result? A charming al fresco dining experience with maximum effect for minimum effort. Best of all, most of this casual, artisanal-style furniture packs flat to store away between outdoor feasts. To assemble your outdoor dining set, […]

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Toy Stove

Assembly Instructions: DIY Toy Stove

Step 1 Start by building the ‘warming’ drawer. Fasten the shorter sides (250 x 150 x 2) to the longer sides (360 x 150 x 2). At each joint use a small drill bit and drill two pilot holes where screws will be inserted. Sink the holes, apply wood glue and screw the panels together. Put the base (218 x […]

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kiddies kitchen cupboard

Assembly Instructions: DIY Kiddies Kitchen Cupboard

Assembly Instructions: DIY Kiddies Kitchen Cupboard Step 1 Start by making the cupboard base. Screw the sides (600 x 250 x 2) to the base panel (518 x 250 x 1), lifting the base 50 mm off the ground. Then screw on the rails (518 x 70 x 2). Use a small drill bit to make pilot holes. Sink the […]

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The Fix it with Flair Gala Event

Timbercity is extremely proud to have been a sponsor in the annual home renovation competition, Fix it With Flair. Being your project partner, it’s important to us to support and encourage your home makeover projects, and, we’re excited to be a part of this home makeover event for the 6th consecutive year. Entrants were required to submit before and after […]

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Timbercity DIY TV Unit

Assembly Instructions: DIY TV UNIT

Assembly Instructions: DIY TV Unit Step 1: Connecting your L-shapes Build a box by fastening the top and bottom to the sides. First make an L-shape, by connecting the top (1414 x 450) to one of the sides (468 x 450). Drill pilot holes, countersink holes, apply wood glue and fasten together with six screws. Repeat the same process to […]

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