Author: Chad Schilder

DIY kids workbench

Assembly Instructions: DIY Playtime Workbench for Kids

Assembly Instructions: DIY Playtime Kids Workbench   Step 1 Star by building the top frame of the workbench. This will be the sable structure on to which you ill fasten the legs and work-surface, in later steps. The top frame is built by using screws and wood glue to join the two long pieces of pine PAR (850 mm x 44 […]

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diy drinks table Timbercity

Assembly Instructions: DIY Drinks Cupboard

Assembly Instructions: DIY Drinks Cupboard Step 1 Create a box by connecting the top and bottom (700 mm x 150 mm) x 2 to the sides (500 mm x 130 mm) x 2. Drill pilot holes for the screws and countersink them. Then apply wood glue and screw the pieces together. Step 2 Secure the vertical divider (500 mm x […]

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Assembly Instructions: DIY Summer Outdoor Dining

Take one hardboard door, two pine trestles and a chunky pine work island. Add a lick of paint and a podged fabric frieze. The result? A charming al fresco dining experience with maximum effect for minimum effort. Best of all, most of this casual, artisanal-style furniture packs flat to store away between outdoor feasts. To assemble your outdoor dining set, […]

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Toy Stove

Assembly Instructions: DIY Toy Stove

Step 1 Start by building the ‘warming’ drawer. Fasten the shorter sides (250 x 150 x 2) to the longer sides (360 x 150 x 2). At each joint use a small drill bit and drill two pilot holes where screws will be inserted. Sink the holes, apply wood glue and screw the panels together. Put the base (218 x […]

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kiddies kitchen cupboard

Assembly Instructions: DIY Kiddies Kitchen Cupboard

Assembly Instructions: DIY Kiddies Kitchen Cupboard Step 1 Start by making the cupboard base. Screw the sides (600 x 250 x 2) to the base panel (518 x 250 x 1), lifting the base 50 mm off the ground. Then screw on the rails (518 x 70 x 2). Use a small drill bit to make pilot holes. Sink the […]

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Timbercity DIY TV Unit

Assembly Instructions: DIY TV UNIT

Assembly Instructions: DIY TV Unit Step 1: Connecting your L-shapes Build a box by fastening the top and bottom to the sides. First make an L-shape, by connecting the top (1414 x 450) to one of the sides (468 x 450). Drill pilot holes, countersink holes, apply wood glue and fasten together with six screws. Repeat the same process to […]

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